Saturday, April 9, 2011

American Idol: Good-Bye Pia.

Good-bye Pia! Randy's mad. J-Lo is practically in tears. Steven Tyler is outraged at America's voting techniques / or lack there of. The world is devastated. I am not. Let me explain. (Side note: remember learning about onomatopoeia's in school? Perhaps this was my main reason for not liking her. Her name sounds too similar.Pia .... onomatopoeia ... say it !)

Beautiful voice. Celine Dion like. A little Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey like. A very ballad worthy voice, no doubt about that. Maybe even "Diva" like. But I think "Diva" like was the problem. For me anyway and maybe for America. You've got to be careful of the way you portray yourself while being a contestant on a show where people vote for you to stay each week. You can't act like you've won it before you have, it just doesn't sit well with people. (I think James Durbin should be careful for this very reason).

I've noticed that some websites (ie. People) are saying that perhaps Pia lost because she is a woman, and that it's a man's world and a man's show to win. Not very likely. If you look at the past Idol winners, it's been 5 men and 4 women. That's not hugely uneven at all. And if a woman were to win this year, it would be tied. Grasping at straws much?

The way I see it, it's one of two things. Even though Pia had one of the best voices this year (maybe even thee best), she either didn't connect enough with the audience, or like in previous years, people are just assuming their favorites are safe and aren't voting.

Pia's gone. Go Paul McDonald !

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